About Us

Artisfood originates from a thirty-year experience in the foodservice sector.
Our unique combination of know-how and innovation has made all the difference: Artisfood is a dynamic and fast moving organization and we pay very close attention to how taste in food and consumption have developed and changed over the years.
Thanks to our experience, we have a profound knowledge of the market and we guarantee professionalism and reliability.
Our passion and desire for this profession marks our company team. Everyone works everyday with ability and enthusiasm, offering both a wide range of products and excellent service.


We not only offer the best products “Made in Italy”, but we also accurately select and prepare the best known Italian food products distinctive to the Italian tradition and necessary for different specialties, thanks to which Italy has become famous for throughout the world.
We offer a vast selection of ingredients, semi-finished and finished products all of which are of excellent quality and which represent a valid help when cooking.
Artisfood’s catering line includes regional specialties from all over Italy from the northern region of Piedmont to southern region of Sicily and offers a wide selection of products including tomato-based products, sauces and condiments, vegetables, meat and fish based dishes, desserts and fruit.
Let us surprise you with our products, a kaleidoscopic of flavours, colours and aromas – a world to discover!


Our main goal is to satisfy our clients and we achieve this by aiming on both the quality of our products and on our excellent service. Choosing Artisfood means you can consider us your partner, an expert in the field with know-how, professionalism and punctuality, and who guarantees personalized service, tailor-made to fit the different needs of each and every client.


Our priority is guaranteeing safety for our clients.
Quality is our priority and main concern. Our quality control system is based on certified suppliers according to the ISO 9001:2008 normative.
Artisfood’s philosophy concerning safety requires strict quality measures and this concept is developed on a 360 degree scale, involving the quality of our products, the production processes of our suppliers and our final service.

Row Materials

Accurate selection and partnership with our suppliers We only refer to certified suppliers because we strongly believe that this is the key in obtaining raw materials of excellent quality.
We select suppliers who are reliable and competent, who can guarantee the best products and deliver on time.
Artisfood refers to qualified suppliers where evaluations are made periodically by internal audits.
In order to deliver the best products and maintain perfect standards and processes from the start, we place a great importance on the partnerships we establish. Our goal is to maintain long-term relations with our main suppliers and establish partnerships based on trust and reciprocal communication.


State-of-the-art and Traceability.
Our suppliers pay very close attention to the very well known and important topic of Food Intolerance.
This is why ingredients containing allergens are indicated in the technical Nutritional Fact Sheets, which are written up for each and every one of Artisfoodproducts.
We pay particular attention to the subject of cross contamination and we regularly check our suppliers’ production directly at their factories.
All of our products are indicated by a batch number and expiration date which are printed on the pack and on all transportation documents, guaranteeing total traceability.



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The quality and food safety policy is available on request: Luca Lunghi – l.lunghi@artisfood.it – +39 ​​0385 716408